Meet the Chef


Hello... I am your Chef, Corey Favors of TWELVE09 CATERING here at the Grapevine Convention, Palace Arts and Concourse Centers. I have over 10 years of experience creating and cooking for our convention clients, weddings and special events.

In the past I have worked as one of the chefs in the VIP room of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium (It was great working the Super Bowl... I'll tell you more when you have the time!)

I was asked, what memorable experience have I had in my cooking past....What comes to mind is working side by side with Chef Jon Ashton, who is the Executive Chef for Relish Magazine. 

If you were to ask me what my specialties are I would have to say one bite appetizers and Mexican cuisine.

Let me close by saying not only will you have great customer service by one of our knowledgeable event'll also receive some delicious food as well. 

I look forward to creating an exciting meal for you and your guests!   

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