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National Main Street City

Located in the heart of North Texas, Grapevine has thrived as a Main Street City since 1984 and a proud National Main Street City since 2006. Here's an outline of why Grapevine's Historic Main Street continues to welcome millions of visitors year after year. Grapevine's growth over the last 50 years is absolutely outstanding!


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A Great Place To Visit 

  • Torian Cabin
  • Calaboose
  • Palace Theatre
  • Cotton Belt Tower
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A Great Place to Work 

  • Location 
  • Quality environment with historic significance
  • Business hub of Northeast Tarrant County
  • Restaurants, hotels and attractions support our business climate

A Great Place to Live 

  • Walkability
  • Housing stock: Folk-Victorian to Mid-Century Modern
  • Commuter Rail: Linking Main Street to Dallas, Fort Worth and the DFW International Airport
  • New 220 unit residential building with historically-compatible facades


A Great Place to Play

  • Attractions and events
  • Safety and security
  • Daytrippers and overnight guests
  • Wine, dine and shop all over town

    Grapevine is Home To World-Class Festivals & Events

Get to Know Our Merchants

Bermuda Gold & Silver - 404 S. Main St.              Main Street Bakery Co. & Bistro - 316 S. Main St.


Tolbert's - 423 S. Main St.                                     Dr. Sue's Chocolate - 417 S. Main St.


Messina's Shoe & Boot Repair - 320 S. Main St.  Willhoite's Restaurant - 432 S. Main St.


Come See the City of Grapevine, Texas 


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David Klempin
Main Street Manager