GRAPEVINE,  TEXAS (June 14, 2021) – Acclaimed fine porcelain artist Carolyn Barlock is donating her artwork “Beauty and Grace” to the International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. (IPAT) Museum of Porcelain Art on June 23 at 11 a.m. (204 E. Franklin Street). The work consists of three pieces, painted in vibrant colors using the centuries-old luster technique and her own Florentine gold finish technique. The two smaller vases stand 12 inches tall and the centerpiece work stands 18 inches tall. Barlock said “Beauty and Grace,” characterized by its boldly colored water lilies and graceful swan accents, was named after Monet’s water lily works.

In addition to “Beauty and Grace,” many more of her other works will be on display, including Art Nouveau and Aztec-styled pieces. Barlock added that because she will be in Grapevine, there will be works with grapes as well. During the June 23 event some of Barlock’s works, including jewelry and porcelain pieces, will also be available for purchase. One third of the proceeds from that sale will go to support IPAT,” Barlock said. 

Barlock’s work is characterized by the art of luster, created by suspending flecks of gold in the paint to give a work depth, and her uniquely crafted Florentine gold finish which is only achieved through many applications of 22 karat gold to a chiseled porcelain surface. Barlock said in college she had the luck to study with the understudy of renowned porcelain artist and painter Franz Albert Bischoff and that she learned a lot about art from that experience. Her one-of-a-kind, museum quality creations that exemplify her energy, passion and diversity of form. Barlock has exhibited her work in internationally renowned galleries and shows. She is currently represented by Columbine Gallery in Loveland, Colorado.

Barlock said she chose to donate to IPAT because of the museum’s recent recognition by the Grapevine Heritage Foundation and because of the work of board members Tana Parks and Susan Painter. This year, IPAT was awarded the Grapevine Heritage Foundation Advocacy Award for “Rehabilitation & Addition Project Award” for improvements made to the property while saving and maintaining the building's original materials to maintain its history. She also said that the current IPAT board’s hard work and dedication to grow the museum as a premier porcelain museum, in addition to work done by IPAT members and artists, encouraged her to make the donation. She hopes her donation will leave an impact and a lasting legacy.

“I wanted my donation to help give them the wow factor,” she said. “I hope that my pieces will connect to collectors, will be timeless and will be cherished for years to come. Porcelain can last for centuries, and I hope mine is part of that lasting legacy.”

The Grapevine IPAT Museum of Porcelain Art is one of two porcelain museums in the United States and has existed for more than 50 years. The museum features porcelain art of various styles and techniques from around the globe and is home to the most complete collection of old masters’ artworks from anywhere in the world. 


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