Celebrate World Kindness Day at House of Shine

November 2020

It’s officially World Kindness Day and after what feels like a turbulent year, everyone could use a little grace and kindness when interacting with family, friends or even strangers masked up at the local grocery store. Inspiring kindness and self-discovery, House of Shine recently opened in Historic Downtown Grapevine with a mission to help people from five to 95 discover who they are and why their contribution to the world matters. House of Shine is a non-profit interactive museum and visiting often feels like breaking into a large fortune cookie of self-discovery - oh, and prepare to see “all the yellow things.”

House of Shine says “there’s a method to our madness.” They have three key teachings to help make self-exploration simple, joyful and effective. In a nutshell, here are the three Shine methodologies:


Be Do Share is the three-part Shine Method for discovering who you are and why who you are matters. Be is all about knowing yourself, understanding your talents and gifts, and connecting with what you care about so you can make more fulfilling life choices. Do is about strengthening and refining your talents through your daily actions. Share is when you roll up your sleeves and share your Shine with others, making your community a brighter place.

House of Shine


The SHINE Framework is a five-part method for tapping into your talents and gifts, using the five letters of the word “shine.” S = Strengths, H= Hobbies, I= Interests and Irritants, and N= Needs and E= Experiences. They teach people how to discover their SHINE when they visit the House of Shine museum, attend self-discovery workshops, and plug into our Grapevine community.


Your Point of Intersection is the place where your talents and interests intersect with a need in your community. Defining your Point of Intersection will show you where you can make a meaningful contribution to the world around you, based on where you are today. Your Point of Intersection will change throughout your life, revealing new opportunities to Shine.

House of Shine also delivers programming to young people, women, educators and parents. Each one empowers individuals to become more confident and engaged by raising their self-awareness. The primary objective is to get individuals looking for their perfect Point of Intersection – the place where they can use their talents and interests to fill needs in their community.

So what are you waiting for? Show some kindness today and uncover your SHINE with our friends and new neighbors, House of Shine.

House of Shine
334 S Barton St. | Grapevine, Texas 76051