• Phone: (972) 245-3504
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Price: $30 for adults; $15 for children
  • Scale Modeling Peer Judged Competition:

    EagleQuest was founded in the early 1990’s under the name ‘MASTERCON’ by Bob Letterman. Bob originated the idea of gathering a group of established modelers who would have their own convention and model contest where the judging was done by the attendees instead of appointed judges.

    June 2017 will be our 26th year, and EagleQuest remains true to its core of providing a platform for “Master Modelers” to showcase their skills within a friendly, fun, and educational atmosphere. While some of the “Masters” may have left the building, we’re proud to say that EagleQuest also strives to accommodate modelers of all levels.

    Whether you’re new to the hobby, one of the original “Masters” or somewhere in between; you’re sure to learn a lot and meet some great people. It is a family friendly atmosphere that promotes the fun in the hobby while being educational and informative as well.

    Part and mainstay of the EagleQuest event was and is camaraderie. Every year the “Masters” fly in from all over the country and get together sharing their fondness of the hobby. We are a big family where everybody is equally important and where you will find interesting people and seminars.

    So, get your summer kicked off right and come out and celebrate this great hobby with us in June!

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