Family Saturdays at Settlement to City Museums

  • Price: $5 per person ages 3+ (Tickets on sale now)
  • January 23 - Yarn Crafts: Learn traditional yarn crafts at the Cotton Gin.
    February 13 - Valentine Card Printing: Print Victorian Valentine cards and embellish them.
    March 13 - Silhouettes: Create your own silhouette portrait to take home.
    April 3 - Victorian Games & Sports: Try your hand at Victorian lawn games.
    May 1 - May Day: Learn Victorian May Day customs.
    June 12 - Father’s Day Card Printing: Create cards using the 1881 Chandler & Price printing press.
    July 24 - Victorian Paper Crafts: Join us inside the Museums to create Victorian paper crafts.
    August 21 - Cotton: Learn all about cotton with hands-on activities at the Cotton Gin.
    September 11 - Frontier Schoolhouse: Practice writing with nib pens and ink, play games and more.
    October 23 - All Hallows’ Masquerade: Learn Victorian Halloween traditions, make masks, enjoy tricks and treats! 
    November 6 - Skills & Trades: Engage in 19th century skills and trades of early Grapevine.
    December 11 - Christmas with the Keelings: Celebrate the holiday throughout Settlement to City.

    $5.00 per person ages 3+. Tickets on sale now.

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    Family Saturdays at Settlement to City Museums