Texas Star Dinner Theater presents, "Fallen Angel"

  • Price: $59.95
  • Rebecca Angel has been murdered!  Apparently our “angel” had fallen on hard times and intended to climb back up any way she could.  She would stop at nothing:  committing bank robbery, blackmail, even double-parking her horse.  It also seems her little black diary makes for better copy than the National Enquirer ~ and everybody’s secrets are out!

    Could Esperanza have a need for revenge or did she just not want the competition in a bad economy?  Did Hyrum Q. Justice “see” something about Rebecca that made him snap?  Could the Reverend Brimstone’s “private healings” have gone too far?  Or perhaps Helen and her “friend” finally got away with murder?  Be prepared to have some knee slappin’ fun as you come along for one of the wildest Wild West rides of your life!

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    Texas Star Dinner Theater presents, "Fallen Angel"