GrapeFest Vendors

GrapeFest® isn't just about wine - there's great shopping too! Browse the unique vendors you'll only find at GrapeFest selling their specialty items.

Check out the GrapeFest Marketplace showcasing a wide range of items from women's clothing and accessories, to beef jerky, jellies candles and more! Or be wowed by custom pieces crafted by our artisan vendors featuring items such as original paintings, hand-carved decorative wooden art pieces, hand-blown glass art, metal creations and more!

And of course, GrapeFest wouldn't be complete without delicious food offerings! Discover the tasty items on Main Street featuring creations such as crepes, fried oreos, wood-fired pizza, fried mac & cheese balls, as well as festival staples like corn dogs, sno-cones, and turkey legs. Sign up below to be considered for this year's GrapeFest!

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Q: What's the difference between an "Artisan" vendor and "Marketplace" vendor? 
A: "Artisans" are small mom-and-pop operations that typically make a limited number of handmade items in a small facility or garage. "Marketplace" vendors typically have a retail store, multiple employees or a larger production facility to mass-produce items)

Q: “I have a band or are part of a performing arts group, how can I perform at the festival?” 
Please contact Elec Winner, Festival and Events Manager, at 817.410.3586 or


Apply To Become a Vendor:

Please download the application below. Forms should be emailed to
*If appropriate, pictures that are not available on your listed website or social media channels can be attached with the application.*

Food Vendor Application
Artisan Vendor Application
Marketplace Vendor Application