GrapeFest Artisans

Below is a list of Artisans from the 2017 GrapeFest and is here for reference purposes. The list of 2018 Artisans will be updated in mid-to-late July of 2018. Don't miss the 32nd GrapeFest on September 13, 14, 15, and 16 of 2018!

Come for the wine, stay for the shopping! You'll be wowed at the number of vendors selling unique and specialty items; so much so, that you might need a dolly to carry out all the things you'll buy!

And be sure to check out our GrapeFest Marketplace as well as our delicious food vendors!

(FAQ: What's the difference between an "Artisan" vendor and "Marketplace" vendor? A: "Artisans" are small mom-and-pop operations that typically make a limited number of handmade items in a small facility or garage. "Marketplace" vendors typically have a retail store, multiple employees or a larger production facility to mass-produce items)

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(Note: listing groupings are by "primary" item sold; some vendors may sell multiple items)

Wine items (glassware to bottle cork toppers, etc)

Paintings / Art / Photography



Metal crafts

Pets / Animals

Houseware / Kitchen / Patio

Soaps / Candles

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GrapeFest Artisans Alphabetical List

Ace Art A1 Canvas horse head paintings, canvas abstract landscapes, abstract bouquets
Ambriz Jewelry, LLC A8 Jewelry, cuff links, money clips
Anarque Woodworks A31 Wooden pilsners, mugs, tankards, wine vessels, puzzles
Arbor Castle Birdhouses A2 Bird castles, copper feeders, spinning kinetics
Art by Jonathan A27 Caricatures & stickers
Autumn Moon Design A24 Spoon jewelry, felt hats, headbands, scarves
BuddysBonz A3 Dog treats
Bunnies and Bows A25 Pillowcases, tooth fairy pillows, tea towels, head bands
Celtic Photography A7 Matted, framed & canvas prints
Copper Artistry by TK Imports A30 Copper plates, copper panels, copper vases, metal signs
Creative Cactus Design A26 Painted canvas/wood, personalized stationary, art prints
D-Patt A14 Wine bottle stoppers, deer and elk antler bottle openers, whisky towers
Dan Shafer Co A39 Sunsculptures, trees, flowers, birds, Swarvaski crystals
Danny Boy Enterprises A41 Cowhide rugs, coasters, placemats, table runners, rugs
Doc Pock's Harmonious Rocks / Dayna's Delicate Designs A13 Handmade jewelry, geodes, polished cabochons
Everlasting Joy Jewelry A16 Handcrafted jewelry
Excuse Me Waiter...These Glasses Have Spots A57 Small, medium and large paintings
George Boutwell A40 Original watercolors, prints on paper, prints on canvas, books
Hambone and Dogs Pet Treats A36 Gourmet pet treats, bones, chicken jerky, collars, bowties
Hillary Helene Jewelry A55 Hand crafted ear cuffs
House of Kerri A23 Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, stone necklaces
Jimmy Ellis Art A12 Medium and large framed art prints
Joe Natural A9 Braided leather jewelry
Kerri Art A21 Various signs and banners
Laguna Ranch Designs A17 Wood angels, wood Texas, wood crosses, wood hearts
Lavender Ridge Farms A6 Handmade bath products, soaps and home products
Moonbow Metal Art A11 Metal wall decor
Nature's Finest Art A28 Gemstone jewelry, leather bracelets, wine barrel art
PCR Services A44 Stone wine racks, stone table lamps, stone sinks, bowls
Primordial Persuasions A15 Raku fish pottery, raku vessels
Richard Chesnut's Woodshop A32 Cutting boards, serving trays, butcher blocks, lazy susans
Romancing the Stone A10 Handmade vintage belt buckles, silver  & gold jewelry
Sharon Lynn Photography A51 Photographs
Sides Designs, LLC A42 Tables, chairs, stools, wine racks, lazy susans, trays
Sister's Sassy Glass A4 Fused glass products
Skullsoap Natural Bath Company A34 Lotion scrubs, body butter, ultra butter, goats milk soaps
South Austin Gallery A5 Functional 3D mixed media art
Southern Spontaneity A53 Burp cloths, jewel boards, kid chairs, holiday decor
Steve Hawkins Metal Work A22 Metal decor, copper wine fountains, wine racks, night lights
Sultry Touch Collections A38 Pant sets, skirts, dresses, tops, pants
Team Victorious A43 Pencil fine art, wrapped canvas paints, framed prints
Texas Wine Bags A18 Leather crosses, leather roses, wine glass holsters
The Cork Box / Organik Creative A37 Wine cork boxes, cutting boards, coasters
The Safari specialist A35 Wildlife Photographs
The Vintners Casks A49 Wine barrels with granite tops, wine barrels with glass tops, rocking chairs, bar stools
Three Sisters Bows A45 Hair bows, headbands, fit bands, caps
Tie Dye Yogis A29 Tie dyed clothing for men, women and children
Tooth Fairy Designs A47 Baby teeth pendants, charms, earrings
Wine Me? A19 Various painted wine glasses
Winery Artist A33 Wine cork portraits, cork portrait prints
Wire Art Jewelry A20 Anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings
Wonderwall Designs A46 Fine art tree-scapes, made to order family trees
Word in Pictures, LLC A48 Various photo items
Wrapped to Wear A59 Hand made wrap bracelets, wrap watches, earrings
Your Queen Bead A61 Appetizer servers, various kitchen items, glass plates

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Artisans - Wine Related Items
Anarque Woodworks A31
D-Patt A14
Nature's Finest Art A28
Sides Designs, LLC A42
Texas Wine Bags A18
The Cork Box / Organik Creative A37
The Vintners Casks A49
Wine Me? A19
Winery Artist A33

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Artisans - Paintings / Art / Photography
Ace Art A1
Celtic Photography A7
Creative Cactus Design A26
Excuse Me Waiter These Glasses Have Spots A57
George Boutwell A40
Jimmy Ellis Art A12
Kerri Art A21
Sharon Lynn Photography A51
Sister Sassy Glass A4
South Austin Gallery A5
Team Victorious A43
The Safari Specialist A35
Wonderwall Designs A46
Word in Pictures, LLC A48

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Artisans - Jewelry
Ambriz Jewelry, LLC A8
Autumn Moon Design A24
Doc Pock's Harmonious Rocks / Dayna's Delicate Designs A13
Everlasting Joy Jewelry A16
House of Kerri A23
Joe Natural A9
Nature's Finest Art A28
Romancing the Stone A10
Wine Art Jewelry A20
Wrapped to Wear A59

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Artisans - Clothing
Hillary Helene Jewelry A55
Romancing the Stone A10
Sultry Touch Collections A38
Three Sisters Bows A45
Tie Dye Yogis A29

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Artisans - Metal Crafts
Copper Artistry by TK Imports A30
Moonbow Metal Art A11
Steve Hawkins Metal Work A22

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Artisans - Pets & Animals
Arbor Castle Birdhouses A2
BuddysBonz A3
Hambone and Dogs Pet Treats A36

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Artisans - Housewares / Kitchen / Patio
Bunnies and Bows A25
Dan Shafer Co A39
Danny Boy Enterprises A41
Kerri Art A21
Laguna Ranch Designs A17
PCR Services A44
Primordial Persuasions A15
Richard Chestnut's Woodshop A32
Side Designs, LLC A42
Your Queen Bead A61

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Artisans - Soaps & Candles
Lavender Ridge Farms A6
Skullsoap Natural Bath Company A34

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