Dr. Sue's Chocolate - 50% off chocolate (see details)

  • 417 S. Main St. | Grapevine, TX 76051

Show your badge and purchase one 1/4 lb box of chocolate to receive 50% off a second 1/4 lb box. Both boxes must be purchased at the same time. Wholesome ingredients are at the heart of Dr. Sue’s Chocolate. All natural fruits and local honey are used to enrich these confections. The figs, blueberries and cherries are chosen for both their rich flavor and nutritional integrity. These wholesome ingredients help make a more healthful confection. The artisanal chocolate product starts with dark, European-style chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in cacao flavanols, which recent studies suggest may improve wellness. The luscious dark chocolate is paired with other “superfoods”, like blueberries and ginger, to create delicious chocolates you can feel good about eating. Healthy choices lead to a healthy lifestyle, and that includes making smart choices about sweets. Dr. Sue’s is a better choice. Each beautiful gift box of Dr. Sue’s Chocolate is made and packaged by hand.

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