Grapevine 37th Annual Main Street Fest

More details are coming for the 37th Annual Main Street Fest - A Reimagined Street Fair on May 15 and 16, 2021.

Main Street Fest

Main Street Fest wouldn't be complete without craft brews! And in the Craft Brew Garden, you'll discover a special Craft Brew Experience you won't find anywhere else on the festival grounds!

This unique area features craft brews from across the United States, many of which you can't normally get in Texas - even at a specialty beer and wine store!

- Eight individual three-ounce tastings
- Souvenir keepsake tasting glass


You say: "I'm confused - isn't all of Main Street Fest a Craft Brew Experience? How is this area different?"

The answer is yes - you can experience and purchase craft brews throughout the entire festival grounds.

However, the Craft Brew Garden features an extra level of craft brews, as it is the only place on the festival grounds where you can find these special guest breweries.

"So does my festival ticket grant me entrance to this special area? Do I get beer tastings including with my ticket?"

Yes, and no. While your "general admission" festival ticket does allow you to visit the Craft Brew Garden at no additional charge, if you wish to sample the craft brews you will have to purchase a separate "tasting ticket" which comes with a souvenir glass, eight (8) of 3-ounce tastings from any of the breweries featured in The Garden, as well as access to limited release brews. Craft Brew tastings are not included in your standard "general admission" festival ticket.