Photography at Nash Farm

Nash Farm is available for photography shoots. Please follow the requirements below.

Photographers are required to have a Photographer Membership to use Nash Farm for any photo shoots. Nash Farm photographers must have their badge to photograph at the Farm. Those without a badge will be asked to leave the grounds. Photographer Memberships are issued by the Grapevine Heritage Foundation. For a Photographer's Membership with the Grapevine Heritage Foundation, call +1.817.410.3185.

Click here to download Photographer Membership Form.

In addition, when Nash Farm is used in photographs, it is required that credit be given to Nash Farm for location use.

When photographing, do not disrupt Nash Farm visitors, staff, equipment or the animals in any way. Be aware that there may be tours, events or other scheduled activities at the farm that have precedence over the photography session.

Photos must be taken during regular Nash Farm hours.

Tripods and monopods are NOT allowed in any indoor buildings or on any equipment and are NOT allowed to block visitor pathways.

Photographers are responsible for leaving things exactly as they were when they arrived.

Nash Farm is not responsible for personal injury experienced by photographers, individuals or groups being photographed.

Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas (Farm side of Homestead Drive or the Botanical Gardens parking lot).