Rules & Regulations

Decorating Policies

  • Anything being hung needs to be pre-approved by your event coordinator.
  • Blue painters tape is the only allowed tape. NO TAPE ALLOWED ON THE COPPER WALLS IN THE LOBBY OR IN LANCASTER.
  • No tape allowed on the windows of the Lancaster
  • No nails in the walls or furniture.
  • No Balloons.
  • Candles are allowed but they must be pre-approved by the Grapevine Fire Marshall prior to your event. Please visit their website to fill out an application.
  • Glitter, confetti, rose petals, bird seed, rice and/or bubbles are not allowed in the building. (Bubbles are okay outside).
  • Silly string is not allowed.
  • Sparklers are not allowed per city ordinance.

Alcohol Policies

  • All alcohol must be served by a TABC certified bartender. We recommend (1) TABC bartender per 100 people.
  • Client is responsible for providing all bar related equipment and supplies including but not limited to bar glasses, drink garnishes, cork screws, straws and napkins.
  • Client is responsible for cleanup of all alcohol related trash.
  • Cash bars are only allowed through licensed businesses who have a permit to sell.
  • No BYOB. All alcohol must be brought in prior to the event and open containers can not leave the building. No beer runs allowed.
  • Alcohol is subject to a Food Allowance Fee/Bar Fee.
  • Security is required when alcohol is present. The PAC will arrange for an officer to be present and it is the clients responsibility to pay the officer that night. The officer will be scheduled from the time alcohol is served and will stay until the last guest leaves.
  • Last call is 30 minutes prior to the event end time with the bar closing 15 minutes prior to the event end time.

Band/DJ/Music - Weddings/private parties only

  • A band/DJ has access to the building during the client's rental times. They can not set up earlier or stay later. They can not drop off or pick up on another day.
  • Are limited to amount of power they have access to. There is not a direct disconnect line for them to tie into.
  • Are required to bring their own equipment. IE. cords, microphones, speakers. The PAC does not provide AV equipment unless the client rents it.
  • If music is excessively too loud PAC staff will advise them to turn it down.

Outside Caterers & Clean-up

  • The galley kitchen is available for outside caterers. They are required to sweep, mop, wipe-down, etc all areas at the end of the evening. Caterers need to check out with the PAC staff prior to leaving to ensure all clean-up duties are fulfilled
  • There is access to the sinks, ice machine, one warmer and refrigerators.
  • Trashcans and trash-bags are supplied by the PAC. It is the caterers responsibility to remove it from the building and bring it to the dumpsters.
  • Tablecloths are required on all tables where food will be present.
  • Outside catering is subject to a Food Allowance Fee.