Palace Arts Center Building Specifications and Diagrams

The Palace Arts Center is comprised of the Palace Theatre and the Lancaster Theater. Both room offer different unique spaces and capabilities for events. The seating guides listed below are for maximum capacities, please check with our professional event planners, at +1.817.410.3541 to confirm capacity needs for your event.

Palace Arts Center Diagram

Lancaster Floor Diagram
Lancaster Theater

Lobby: 972 sq. ft. 
Audience: 758 sq. ft. 
Performance Area: 24’ x 24’ 
Lighting Grid Elevation: 18’0 
Dressing Room: 472 sq. ft. 
Banquet: 2334 sq. ft 
Workspace: 1322 sq. ft. 
Seating Guide:
Rounds: 150
Theater: 200
Classroom: 150

Download a copy of the Lancaster Theater floor diagram


Palace Theatre

Lobby: 1594 sq. ft. 
Audience: 2505 sq. ft. 
Total Stage: 1217 sq. ft. 
Performance Area: 26’x31’ 
Lighting Grid Elevation: 24’0 
Dressing Room: 478 Sq. ft. 
Screen: 21’ Wide x 15’ High
435 seated performance (315 Floor Level and 117 Balcony Seats)

Download a copy of the Palace Theatre floor plan

Download a copy of the Palace Theatre event seating chart

PAC master seatingPalace Theatre Floor Diagram