Preservation Advocacy Awards

Preservation Advocacy Awards categories honor achievements in historic preservation in Grapevine: Advocacy Award; Preservation/Conservation Project; Grapevine Township Project Award; Reconstruction Project; Sharing the Vision Award; Restoration Project; Infill Construction and Rehabilitation Project.

Submission deadline is March 27, 2020

Criteria for each award are listed below:

Advocacy Award – Contribution of time, talent, vision, or money in any of the following ways: Individual, group, or organization committed to saving and maintaining important landmarks; craftsmen whose work restores the richness of the past; public official who supports preservation projects and legislation in the community; donor who contributes financially to support preservation projects; educator or journalist who helps the community understand the value of preservation. 

Preservation/Conservation Project – Outstanding project sustaining the existing form, integrity, and materials of a historic property. 

Grapevine Township Project Award - Outstanding preservation, restoration, rehabilitation or reconstruction of historic property specifically located within the original Grapevine Township area (Ball Street to Dooley Street and Northwest Highway to Dallas Road). 

Reconstruction Project – Outstanding project replicating the appearance of a historic structure to a specific period of time or location. 

Sharing the Vision Award – Outstanding program, project, or video supporting preservation. 

Restoration Project – Outstanding project accurately restored to its period of significance. 

Infill Construction – New construction that follows the City of Grapevine design guidelines and criteria to reflect Grapevine’s historic past. 

Rehabilitation Project – Outstanding project making possible compatible use of a property through repair, alterations, and additions. 


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