36th Annual Main Street Fest - A Craft Brew Experience
May 15, 16 and 17, 2020

Join us at the 36th Annual Main Street Fest - A Craft Brew Experience on May 15, 16 & 17, 2020!

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Applications coming soon for Main Street Fest on May 15, 16 & 17, 2020

Come for the craft brew, stay for the shopping! You'll be wowed at the number of vendors selling unique and specialty items; so much so, that you might need a dolly to carry out all the things you'll buy!

And be sure to check out our Main Street Fest Marketplace as well as our delicious food vendors!

(FAQ: What's the difference between an "Artisan" vendor and "Marketplace" vendor? A: "Artisans" are small mom-and-pop operations that typically make a limited number of handmade items in a small facility or garage. These items are not sold in any retail front. "Marketplace" vendors typically have a retail store, multiple employees or a larger production facility to mass-produce items. Any pre-packaged food items are considered Marketplace items.)

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(Note: listing groupings are by "primary" item sold; some vendors may sell multiple items)

Paintings / Art / Photography



Metal crafts

Pets / Animals

Houseware / Kitchen / Patio



Artisans Alphabetical List

Ambriz Jewelry A24 Monogrammed jewelry, Texas jewelry, personalized jewelry, cattle brand jewelry, shooting star jewelry, stamped jewelry and barbed wire jewelry.
Anarque Woodworks A22 Handmade wooden tankards, goblets, drinking vessels, kaleidoscopes, yo-yos, bottle stoppers, perfume daubers, cord/phone stanks, pull tabs, pens, wine openers, coolers, shaving sets, grill sets, viking chess sets and puzzles.
Apple Pie Publishing A53 Book sets, plush animals, place mats and ornaments.
Art of Twisted Nail A20 Various metal art pieces and made-to-order address number boxes.
Bare Hands A5 Personalized, solid, plaster life-castings of customer's hands.
Bob Wolf Designs A55 Handcrafted stone pendants set in silver and gold wire, earrings, silver and gold rings, bracelets and silver and gold chokers.
BuddysBonz A17 Assorted dog treats.
Celtic Photography A1 Matted prints, framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, various Celtic wall art and note cards.
Cutting Edge Knife A44 Fixed-blade and folding-blade knives with and without sheaths.
Dan Shafer Co. A29 Crystal art and suncatchers.
Dealy Express A13 Checkbook/roper wallets, bags, hip belts, belts, boas, dreamcatchers and hair clips.
Doc Pock's Harmonious Rocks A9 Jewelry and geodes.
D-Patt Wine Bottle Stoppers A6 Hand-turned wood and antler wine bottle stoppers, antler beer bottle openers, whiskey towers, wood and antler pens, antler wine bottle holders and wood pour spouts.
Eva Andre Design A39 Polymer clay earrings and necklaces.
George Boutwell - Texas Artist A40 Limited edition art prints, signed prints, calendars, books and note cards.
Hambone and Dogs Pet Treats A46 Dog treats, elevated feeders, antlers, collars, jerky/bones, bowties/flowers, wine dogs and charms.
Here's Your Sign A36 Personalized signs made on-the-spot.
Hermine Designs A47 Handcrafted art jewelry with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, gemstone rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings.
House of Kerri A3 Patina earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets and stone earrings and necklaces.
Jen B's Studio A7 Acrylic watercolor paintings, gallery-matted prints, kiln-fired fine silver/bronze jewelry, semi-precious stone and shell jewelry, shellyfish and shells with air plants and magnets, suncatchers with agates, stones, shells, etc., mobiles with candle holders, agates, stones and shells and agate-slice fan pull-chains and rearview mirror charms.
Jimmy Ellis A10 Framed and unframed art.
Joe Natural Leather A2 Braided leather jewelry.
Just Ask Creations A23 Hand-forged necklaces, pendants, cuffs, bangle bracelets, non-pierced earrings, and rings made with precious metals and natural gemstones.
Leslie Anne Jewelry A33 Gemstone earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engraved jewelry and minimalistic necklaces and earrings made of sterling silver and/or gold-filled metals.
Lucky Dog A19 Necklaces, bracket bracelets and earrings.
My Glass Lady A8 Glass shells, plates, bowls, windchimes, spoon rests, plant stakes and wall art.
NameFrames / Marblies A50 Miniatures made from marbles and clay, personalized name ornaments and pet frames.
Native Designs A34 Silver wide band rings, V-shaped inlay rings, heart-shaped earrings, turquoise necklaces, onyx arrowheads, turquoise, dragonfly and butterfly pendants.
Native Winds A11 Dreamcatchers, bamboo and clay flutes, native necklaces and bracelets, handmade native purses and CDs.
Nature's Finest Art A26 Rare gemstone jewelry, leather wrap gemstone bracelets, leather dog collars with embellishments, sleigh bells for doors, beaded leather bracelets, horse hair jewelry and wine barrel and whiskey art.
Picket Fences A27 Storage boxes, ice chests, coffee tables, potting cabinets and kitchen cupboards.
Primordial Persuasions A14 Fish pottery, vessels, and teapots.
Richard Chesnut's Woodshop A38 Handmade cutting boards, butcher blocks, Lazy Susans inlaid with turquoise, serving trays with handles and custom engraving, wine stoppers with accents and cheese boards.
Rockport Rope Door Mats LLC A49 Hand-woven rope mats, dog harnesses with stretch leashes, necklaces and keychains made with recycled wine corks. All made 100% by hand.
Rustic Swank A52 Soy candles, wax melts, wax warmers and rustic signs.
S&J Designs Metal Artwork A28 Various metal artwork pieces.
Sarah Briggs A54 Jewelry.
Sawdust and Bullets A48 Pens and pencils made from wood or acrylic, cell phone stands with stylus, necklace seam rippers, crochet hook set, necklace twist pens, handmade Damascus knives, wood vase and bowls and items made from shell casings: bottle openers, letter openers, ice cream scoops, pens, pizza cutter, screwdrivers and more.
Sea The Signs A45 Painted signs, carved signs and original artwork.
Sheri LaRue A41 Whimsical brightly painted earthenware plaques.
Sides Designs, LLC A57 Tables, chairs, stools, benches, fountain and firepit, chandeliers, wine racks and bars, shelves, games, trays, and miscellaneous items.
SK Custom Stone Carving LLC A30 Hand carved stone wine racks, dragonflies, wall crosses and more.
Sleeping Lizards A42 Vintage enameled pennies and jewelry.
South Austin Gallery A56 Coasters, cutting boards, magnets, ornaments and mugs.
Southern Addiction A51 Local high school and college hats and shirts, graphic t-shirts, graphic wine and beer glasses, wood décor, children's clothing and customizable shirts and hats.
Sunshine Sunbeams A35 A variety of art pieces made from stained glass and German lead crystals.
The Coloring Table A4 Coloring book tablecloths and placemats.
The Safari Specialist / Helen Hill Photography A31 Matted wildlife photos, framed wildlife photos and photos on canvas.
The Vintage Silver Wear Co. A15 Rings, earrings, silver-plated bracelets, sterling silver bracelets, serving forks, pendants, necklaces, sea glass jewelry and wind chimes.
Three Sisters Bows A12 Hair bows, monogrammed caps and headbands.
TK Imports A32 Collegiate items, metal signs, copper plates, panels and vases.
Two Rivers Designs A16 Necklaces, bracket bracelets, and earrings.
Two Tarts' Toppers A43 Hats, headbands, hair clips, and hat accessories.
Vibe A25 Adjustable Vibe necklaces made out of gemstones and silk.
Whiskey Lights A21 Hanging lanterns made from recycled whiskey bottles and checkerboards.
Wire Art Jewelry A37 Bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings, ear cuffs and earrings.
You Name It! A18 Personalized Keepsakes Personalized necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets.

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Artisans - Paintings / Art / Photography
Art of Twisted Nail A20
Celtic Photography A1
Dan Schafer Co A29
George Boutwell A40
Jen B's Studio A7
Jimmy Ellis Art A10
The Safari Specialist / Helen Hill Photography A31
Sunshine Sunbeams A35

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Artisans - Jewelry
Ambriz Jewelry A24
Bob Wolf Creations A55
Doc Pock's Harmonious Rocks A9
Eva Andre Design A39
Hermine Designs A47
House of Kerri A3
Joe Natural Leather A2
Just Ask Creations A23
Leslie Anne Jewelry A33
Lucky Dog A19
Native Designs A34
Nature's Finest Art A26
Sarah Briggs A54
Two Rivers Designs A16
Vibe A25
The Vintage Silver Wear Co. A15
Wire Art Jewelry A37
You Name It! Personalized Keepsakes A18

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Artisans - Clothing
Dealy Express A13
Three Sisters Bows A12
Southern Addiction A51
Two Tarts' Toppers A43

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Artisans - Metal Crafts
Art of Twisted Nail A20
Just Ask Creations A23
S&J Designs Metal Artwork A28

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Artisans - Pets & Animals
BuddysBonz A17
Hambone and Dog Pet Treats A46

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Artisans - Houseware / Kitchen / Patio
Bare Hands A5
House of Kerri A3
My Glass Lady A8
Picket Fences A27
Primordial Persuasions A14
Richard Chestnut's Workshop A38
Rustic Swank A52
Sides Designs, LLC A57
SK Custom Stone Carving LLC A30
South Austin Gallery A56
The Coloring Table A4
Whiskey Lights A21

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Artisans - Specialty Items
Anarque Woodworks A22
Apple Pie Publishing A53
Cutting Edge Knife A44
D-Patt A6
Here's Your Sign A36
Marblies / Name Frames A50
Native Winds A11
Rockport Rope Door Mats LLC A49
Sawdust and Bullets A48
Sea The Signs A45
Sheri LaRue A41
Sleeping Lizards A42
Southern Addiction A51
TK Imports A32

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