Art Gallery

Palace Arts Center
300 S. Main St. 

On the beautiful brick interior walls of the Lancaster Theatre, visitors can find an ever-changing variety of beautiful works of art in media ranging from photography to paintings to sculpture. Many of the works on display are available for purchase. The gallery features the work of local and regional artists on a bimonthly rotation.

Art Exhibit Viewing Times: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and during other special events.

Currently Featured: 

Frederick and Rosemary Achelpohl

Fredrick & Rosemary Achelpohl are both retired from the corporate world. As painters, they travel the world committing to canvas their experiences and stories. Their muse is travel for it feeds the creative hunger. Europe, Asia, the United States all add to the mix. Each year they spend spring on the Oregon coast as artists in residence at a gallery.

About Rosemary:
Creativity has always been an influence in her life. When she was young she'd build furniture out of fruit crates, fashion new jewelry out of old & sewed many of her clothes. Sketching in charcoal taught her about shapes & values while sewing, taught her about color and texture. In 2006, after 25 years in the corporate world, she undertook learning to paint in oil with a palette knife. In 2015, Rosemary decided to retire from teaching for the past 10 years at Richland College to paint full time.

The ocean, world travels, gardens, music and curiosity all fuel her creative juices. Color expressionism is the way she shares her vision of the world. Each year, she and husband & painter, Fredrick Achelpohl take up residency at Hawk Creek Gallery in Neskowin on the Oregon Coast for 3 months. The ocean across the street, the woods, rivers and new stimulus all serve as a catalyst for creative exploration. Whether creating large impasto abstracts, 3-D vessels, or small plane air renderings of nature, she enjoys contact with patrons and sharing the art. Her work is in collections in South America, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Many of her collectors have several pieces in multiple mediums."

About Fredrick:
Fred grew up in St. Louis during the "Beatnik" years and has a love for big rivers and the Ozarks. He completed his first original painting in college using popsicle sticks and leftover jars of paint from a "paint by numbers" set. That experience hooked him and he's been painting off and on ever since. Having retired after more than 40 years in the defense industry, he has all the time he wants to visit museums and hone his craft, As a self-taught artist, Impressionism paintings by oil with brush and a palette knife are his strongest inspirations.

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