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Palace Arts Center
300 S. Main St. 

On the beautiful brick interior walls of the Lancaster Theatre, visitors can find an ever-changing variety of beautiful works of art in media ranging from photography to paintings to sculpture. Many of the works on display are available for purchase. The gallery features the work of local and regional artists on a bimonthly rotation.


Farah Janjua 


Farah Janjua, who is currently based in Dallas, Texas and is originally from Pakistan, has been pursuing photography since 1992. The reality of nature’s landscapes, the varied emotions on the countenance of people and the intricate social and humanitarian issues in their lives are some of the things that inspire Farah towards this art. For Farah, photography is a means to explore the infinite possibilities in art to work for the betterment of humanity. It is a bridge to connect the diverse mindsets and break the barriers of a world divided by boundaries and it often serves as a looking glass that mirrors our thoughts.

Through her extensive traveling in her home country and in several countries around the world, Farah has been able to capture various enlightening images. She has daringly entered the remotest areas of Pakistan, stepped into Afghan and Kashmiri refugee camps and has rendered her services to many humanitarian organizations. She has to her credit publications in well-known international magazines and has had six solo exhibitions in the United States.

Farah recently published a photography book “Jerusalem-Three Souls in One City” promoting interfaith harmony. The book is a pictorial testimony of how humanizing each other is the first step towards achieving peaceful co-existence.

Farah has given Book Talks and Interfaith lectures at Churches and Mosques and also been invited by Southern Methodist University in Dallas Conflict Resolution Department to discuss her thoughts on achieving a peaceful resolution for Israel/Palestine conflict.  

Farah’s solo exhibitions include “Unity” in Southlake, Texas, USA- September 2019, “Andalusia” in Colleyville, Texas, USA - 2016, “Central Asia Institute” in Dallas, Texas, USA-2010, “World Fest” in Addison, Texas, USA-2008, “Impact of War on Women and Children” held at The School of Communications, American University, Washington D.C.-2004, “Cultural Diversity in Pakistan” at The Intercultural Management Institute, American University, Washington D.C.-Oct. 2004-Jan. 2005 and “Diversity Reigns Unity” at The Embassy of Pakistan in Washington D.C.-2004.

Farah’s awards and group exhibitions include “The Human Experience; Connecting Worlds” at Keller, Texas, USA-2019, “The Human Experience; Through the Lens of Three Women” in Richardson, Texas, USA-2018, “Islamic Art Revival Series” in Dallas, Texas, USA-2013, publication in “America at the Millennium” by The International Library of Photography-1999, Photographic Society of Pakistan finalist for exhibitions in Argentina and England-1998, SAARC exhibition participant in Bangladesh-1997, International photography exhibitor in Lok Virsa Pakistan-1997, Photographic Society of Pakistan exhibitor in Ireland-1996 and Kodak photography competition finalist in Pakistan-1994.


Jerusalem-Three Souls in One City

Finding unity through diversity has always been a focus of my work. It is my core belief that co-existence through acceptance is the ONLY way we can leave a better world for the future generations. My recent visit to Jerusalem strengthened that belief more than ever. One cannot deny the reality which stares back at you when you walk on the streets of this ancient city, the bedrock of our World’s three predominant faiths. Despite being a bone of contention since decades, Jerusalem continues to survive and thrive, with a vibrancy throbbing inside its heart and its multicultural richness converging within its age-old boundaries. Generation after generation, constantly hurting, yet breathing together unable to detach from the Single Force from which their histories emerged.

This project presents life as it is in Jerusalem; how the sun rises, beckoning movement from the wee hours of early morning, to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day; the worship rituals, the busy markets and all inhabitants crossing paths till they reach the end of the day where there is a quiet contemplation that encompasses both the sky and the streets alike. Any onlooker and lover of humanity who becomes a part of this unique land, no matter for how long, cannot miss Jerusalem whispering, “I know where all of you have come from? You have been here a while. But do you know where you are going? Will you ever let peace caress my skin where there are mostly wounds of self-inflicted pain? There is a way, you know? Come! Let me show it to you. It is right here, inside my very heart, where the three souls meet and breathe in unison, to the rhythm of hope and LOVE”. 

PAC artist - farrah janjua collage


Art Exhibit Viewing Times: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and during other special events.