Grapevine FAQs & Fun Facts

Ever wondered how Grapevine got its name? or who's the man who graces the dome on Grapevine's City Hall? Well, read on and find out all the trivia!

Q1: How did "Grapevine" Texas get its name?

A: From the wild mustang grapes that grew abundantly here. They still grow wild on the fence rows. Grapes today grow to produce Texas wines!

Q2: Two "infamous" outlaws killed two of Grapevine's motorcycle patrolmen in 1934. Who were the outlaws?

A: Bonnie & Clyde.

Q3: What is a "calaboose"?

A: A jail - the Spanish slang word -- Grapevine's old calaboose Is on Main Street and is open so people can get inside and take pictures!

Q4: What crop grew so abundantly around Grapevine that a railroad was built to the city in 1888?

A: Cotton - Cotton Belt Railroad

Q5: What is the most visual historic landmark in Grapevine?

A: B&D Mills - visible for miles!

Q6: Why did the 1891 Brick Hotel have a separate entrance for Ladies?

A: To shield them from the "rougher" aspects of 19th century society.

Q7: In the late 1880s, why was Grapevine touted as being a good place to live?

A: Because it was free from such popular vices as saloons and billiard halls! Grapevine is still a great place to live and visit...very safe with lots of entertainment venues where you can wet your whistle and play some games!

Q8: How did Grapevine's blacksmith test the precision of his branding irons?

A: He burned them into the door of the shop.

Q9: What is Grapevine's railroad turntable used for?

A: To turn the Grapevine Vintage Railroad's trains around. Join us for a ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad! Tickets can be purchased online for all rides.

Q10: What type of flower is planted in a garden to keep away unwanted insects?

A: Marigolds. Visit the Grapevine Botanical Gardens to learn more about the flowers and plants of Grapevine!

Q11: What year was the City of Grapevine founded?

A: Grapevine was founded in 1844, one year prior to the Republic of Texas becoming the State of Texas.

Q12: How did Grapevine get its name?

A: Grapevine got its name from the wild Mustang grapevine that flourishes throughout the area.

Q13: How long has Grapevine been known for transportation?

A: Grapevine first became known for transportation in 1888 when the Cotton Belt Railroad opened its railroad depot in Grapevine. Grapevine was a stop between Missouri and Fort Worth.

Q14: What do the 14 stars on Grapevine's City Hall mean?

A: Seven stars represent the Mayor and City Council Member and seven stars represent the planning and zoning commissioners.

Q15: What couple's gang members robbed Grapevine's Home Town Bank?

A: Members of Bonnie and Clyde's gang made a significant withdrawal.

Q16: How many acres of land did Grapevine donate to build DFW International Airport?

A: Just shy of 8,000 acres of land were donated to help build the airport.

Q17: Who is the man who graces the dome on Grapevine's City Hall?

A: Grapevine's Night Watchman stands proudly atop City Hall. The Night Watchman was the front-runner to Grapevine's modern day police force.

Q18: What other cities have Grapevine's Night Watchman prominently displayed?

A: Grapevine has two sister cities: Krems, Austria and Parras de la Fuente, Mexico. Each city was given the Night Watchman Statue as a gift from the City of Grapevine.

Q19: What year was the original Palace Theater built?

A: The Palace Theater, now the Palace Arts Center, was built in 1939 as a movie house. It was restored for $5 million and reopened in 2001. It is home to many performing arts events.

Q20: What year did Willhoite's Garage open?

A: Willhoite's opened in 1919 as a dry good store. It became Grapevine's first full service gas station in the 1920's. Today, it's known as a place that will still fill you up since Willhoite's is now a quaint restaurant and honky tonk

Q21: What year did the Grapevine Sun newspaper begin publishing?

A: The Grapevine Sun first rolled its presses in 1895.

Q22: What year did the original Wallis Hotel open?

A: The Wallis Hotel opened in 1891 and stood just north of the Cotton Belt Depot where A.J.'s on Main is now located.

Q23: When was the Wallis Hotel rebuilt and reopened? What organization calls it home?

A: The Wallis Hotel was rebuilt in 1991, reopened in December 1992 and was home to the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau until 2012. It is now home to Messina Hof Grapevine Winery.

Q24: Who is the man who sits on the bench on the Wallis Hotel's porch?

A: The Sidewalk Judge sits on the park bench and monitors everyone's comings and goings. He commemorates Grapevine's old-timers who could determine if a stranger who had come to town was in trouble or down on his luck.

Q25: What is the cabin that sits to the north of the Wallis Hotel and where did it originally stand?

A: The Torian Cabin was built in 1845, out on Lonesome Dove, which is part of Grapevine, and is the oldest building in Tarrant County. The cabin is original and was saved from demolition by Grapevine's Historical Society who had only 24 hours notice to save it.

Q26: What place does the Texas Wine Industry hold in wine production?

A: The Texas Wine Industry, based in Grapevine, is the 5th largest wine producing state in the country.

Q27: What disease would have wiped out wine production in the world had it not been for T.V. Munson discovering the cure?

A: The world would have succumb to phylloxera, a root rot disease. T.V. Munson discovered that Texas' hearty vine stock, when grafted to other vines throughout the world, strengthened the vines to withstand the disease.

Q28: How many grapevine varietals are native to Texas?

A: 13 of 16 varietals are native to Texas soil.

Q29: What cities are Grapevine's famous suburbs?

A: Dallas and Fort Worth.

Q30: What do people who live in Grapevine call themselves?

A: Grapevinians.

Q31: How many species of butterflies can be seen in North Texas?

A: About 50 species. Grapevine's Heritage Garden was designed to attract butterflies...and in October Grapevine celebrates the migration of the Monarch Butterflies through town on their way from Canada to Mexico with a special one-day festival - the Butterfly Flutterby!

Q32: What will happen if a theatre ever becomes pitch dark?

A: Ghosts will move in! Stop by Grapevine's newly restored Palace Theatre - ca. 1940. Originally built for $25, has had a $5 million redo.

Q33: What type of wagon "opened the West"?

A: Conestoga wagons. Stop by the Heritage Center and check out a genuine wagon used on Texas' Sesquicentennial wagon train ride.

Q34: What famous trail passed through Fort Worth over which lots of cattle were driven?

A: The Chisholm Trail.

Q35: How old is Grapevine's railroad depot this year?

A: Built in 1888! The Depot is the home of the Grapevine Historical Museum...come check out everything from real dinosaur footprints to the nightwatchman's pistol.

Q36: How many Indian tribes signed the Treaty of Birds Fort which opened North Texas for settlement?

A: Masks/Face Coverings Required
Ten. Grapevine is proud of its American Indian heritage. The Walking To Texas Fountain in Liberty Park lists the tribes; and the four horse heads on the fountain symbolize the four directions and honor Grape Vine Prairie's earliest inhabitants as well as the pioneers.

Q37: What is a featured industry in Grapevine?

A: The wine industry - Grapevine is home to several wonderful winery tasting rooms.

Q38: Grapevine's Main Street is very old and historic. Where is it listed?

A: On the National Register of Historic Places. There are a number of historic markers along Main Street area which make strolling through town very interesting reading!

Q39: One of the largest bait shops in the world - with over 7,000 lures -- is located in Grapevine. What is it called?
Q40: There is a lake in Grapevine...what is it called?

A: Lake Grapevine! Built by the US Army Corp of Engineers in 1948 - it attracts over 1 million visitors each year!

Q41: A grand resort hotel opened in Grapevine in 2004. There is one in Tennessee, Florida and Maryland . What is it called?
Q42: What is the friendliest town in Texas?

A: Grapevine!

Q43: Who was the first criminal ever locked up in the "Calaboose?"

A: Because the Night Watchman was also the occasional "dog catcher" in town, the first prisoner was rumored to be a dog!