Grapevine Wine Pouring Society

Serving as ambassadors for the city, the Grapevine Wine Pouring Society is dedicated to promoting the Texas wine and the Texas grape growing industry. Founded in 1995 by 30 wine aficionados, the group is a blend of ages and backgrounds with one common bond: Texas wine. Throughout the year, Grapevine Wine Pouring Society members can be seen, wearing burgundy vests, volunteering at various Grapevine events and festivals. The Grapevine Wine Pouring Society spends hundreds of hours each year representing the Grapevine community.

2019 Grapevine Wine Pouring Society Officers

Steven Felton, President
Sandy Ludwig, Vice President
Tom Reynolds, Special Events Chair 
Jeanne Hoch, Membership Chair 
Christie Partee, Secretary/Treasurer
Bruce Herndon, Immediate Past President

Meeting Calendar | GWPS By-Laws

Grapevine Wine Pouring Society 2019

The member meetings are traditionally on the last Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcome to attend. Meetings are held at the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau, located at 636 S. Main St. ​

As an added bonus, download the brand new Grapevine Wine Pouring Society Cookbook for recipes that go beautifully with a glass of Grapevine wine.   

Please contact Jeanne Hoch for membership information by, emailing us here.