Staff Directory

Paul W. McCallum
Executive Director
Lindy Bell
Administrative Services Manager

Finance & Administration

Shellie Johnson
Director of Finance
JoLynn Green
Accountant II
Christy Caunitz
Accountant III
Pam Shope
Accounting Assistant
Brenda Campos
HPP Assistant

Managing Director of Sales & Marketing

Brady Closson
Managing Director of Sales & Marketing

Managing Director of Operations

Paula Newman
Managing Director of Operations

Meeting & Convention Sales

Joe Thompson
Director of Sales
Connie Ash
National Sales Manager

West Coast/ Southeast 36+ on Peak (excluding SMERF) Citywide (three or more Hotels, excluding Religious) AL, AZ, AK, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, ID, MS, MT, NM, NC, NV, OR, SC, TN, UT, WA, and WY

Eleanor George
National Sales Manager

SMERF- Social, Military, Educational, Religious & Fraternal - U.S. and International / Mid-Atlantic (Except Social/Sports)

Codi Missimo
National Sales Manager

Northeast / Texas 51+ on Peak / Texas Corporate and Association

Naomi Saenz
National Sales Manager

Texas up to 50 on Peak / Meeting space only / 10 to 35 on Peak (excluding Religious)

Elizabeth Mullis
National Sales Manager

Midwest / Sports / Social / National Nursing Association

Laura Simmons
Sales Administrative Assistant

Leisure Sales & Promotion

Tamer Attia
International Travel Sales Manager
Lori Sarmiento
Tourism Coordinator & Convention Sales Assistant

Marketing & Communications

Kimber Foster
Director of Marketing
Scott Baker
Creative Marketing Manager
Emily Adams
Communications Coordinator
Bill Young
Digital Marketing Manager

Destination Services & Grapevine Visitors Shuttle

Paola Bowman
Director of Destination Services


Lisa Dalton
Visitor & Cultural Services Manager
Chris Rose
Grapevine Visitors Shuttle Supervisor
Betty Torres
Destination Service Assistant
Laurie Hasty
Destination Services Assistant

Heritage Preservation Programs

David Klempin
Historic Preservation Officer/Township Restoration Coordinator
Mary Bush
Historic Preservation Secretary
Cody Jolliff
Nash Farm Manager

Festivals and Events

Gayle Hall
Director of Festivals & Events
Barry Feldner
Festival & Events Manager
Luke Wolfard
Festival & Events Manager
Molly Self
Festivals & Events Assistant

Grapevine Convention Center, Grapevine Concourse Event Center and Palace Arts Center

Rusty Hernandez
Director of Facilities & Events
John Smith
Convention Center Supervisor
Brittany Bradshaw
Event Coordinator
Megan Matthews
Event Coordinator
Nadine Rodriguez
Event Coordinator
Corey Favors
Food & Beverage Coordinator
Barbara Lasseter
Convention Facilities Assistant

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Brent Villard
Train Service Personnel III
Matthew Keefover
Roundhouse Mechanic Supervisor
Iona Robbins
Train Supervisor
Brian Gentry
Train Sales Manager

Grapevine's Hidden Treasures